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|| Basics ||

Name: Aeryn
Age: Nineteen
Date of birth: 28th of September.
Gender: Female
Location: Home of the worlds worst weather changes: Melbounre, Australia
How did you find us?: An intrest search on corsetry.
Why do you think you belong here?: I'm a fan of rating communities and this one took my interest. I like what you are all about and by your own definition of bittersweet cunt I don't think I could be more appropriate. In primary school they used to make jokes about me being like a koalas who are cute and cuddley looking, dopey things but if you tick them off they'll chase you down and rip out your eyes. My favorite animals ^_^

|| Interests ||

♥ BDSM (S&M a little less)
♥ Corsetry
♥ Nazi SS Uniform
♥ Smoking
♥ Stilletos
♥ Stockings
♥ Yuri hentai (who doesn't love lesbian lolita hentai? :P)
♥ Sexual Asphixiation.
♥ Riding crops.

Picture of something you want (anything):

Angela Ryan.. or er... her latex outfit.

|| Favourites ||
Food: A tie between sundried tomatoes and chocolate.
Colour: Grey
Movies: Confessions of an Ugly stepsister, girl with a pearl earring, X-men.
Song: Everybody here wants you- Jeff Buckley and Lecher Bitch- Genitortures.
♥ Depeche Mode
♥ Covenant
♥ Nine Inch Nails
♥ Dresdon Dolls
♥ Tori Amos
♥ Sisters of Mercy
♥ Rammstien
♥ The Tea Party
♥ The birthday Massacre
♥ The Crystalline effect
♥ Apop
Books: memoirs of a Giesha and the HEX series by Rhiannon Lassiter.

|| Personal Info ||
Smoke: Only Red Devil's cigarettes.
Drink: Socially
Drugs: Couldn't afford to even if I wanted too.
Piercings (show pictures *optional*): 3 per ear, nothing worth flashing.
Tattoos (show pictures *optional*): None. I'm a needle-phobic.

|| Photos ||
Loreal paris 'Nocturnal Instincts' Fashion parade- photos by DV / Hair&makeup Madame Gothic Glamour

Shades Of Grey- photos by Navatalin


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